“Body blow” for Shetland North Mainland – Wishart and Carmichael respond to Scatsta closure

Statement issued by Beatrice Wishart MSP and Alistair Carmichael MP in response to the closure announcement of Scatsta Airport in Shetland:

“This is a body blow for the North Mainland of Shetland. We have all known that changes within the oil and gas industry would inevitably bring changes to Shetland but this news has come with little warning or community consultation. We call upon the Integrated Aviation Consortium to explain the business case for the decision that they have made. The local community has served the industry well over the years and they deserve to be given more answers and better respect than this.

“Obviously we cannot maintain an airport for which there is no business but the availability of an alternative to Sumburgh is strategically important for the isles. The loss of it will be felt particularly acutely in the summer months when Sumburgh can be fogged out – sometimes for several days at a time. Shetland Islands Council, The Scottish Government, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the IAC should get together and look at all the options. What may look penny wise today can end up looking pound foolish in a few years’ time.”

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