Boris as Minister for the Union like a fox as Minister for the Henhouse – Carmichael

Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Constitutional Affairs, Alistair Carmichael MP, has today condemned the Prime Minister’s remarks that Scottish devolution had been a “disaster”. The Prime Minister made the comments on a video call with Conservative MPs and has been roundly condemned by most parties. Liberal Democrats were leading forces behind the creation of the Scottish Parliament and support a federal system for the United Kingdom.

Mr Carmichael said:

“In 2016 many people who supported keeping the United Kingdom together were prepared to give their vote to the Conservatives led by Ruth Davidson. Four years later you would hardly recognise the Conservatives as the same party. Those who supported them in the past are now left politically homeless. They deserve a better voice.”

“If the “Minister for the Union” does not believe that devolution is the settled will of the Scottish people then he is not up to the job. Instead of undermining devolution he should be seeking to expand it. The handling of the Covid pandemic has shown that local control produces better government. People in the different regions of England deserve that as much as people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

“Scots are exhausted by this war between the useless and the divisive. If you believe in devolution not division then the Liberal Democrats are on your side. We are the only party with a plan to end the constitutional squabbling and build a fair federal deal for the United Kingdom.”

“The Prime Minister and the Tories are the single-biggest threat to the future of the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson’s policies have been destructive and his attitude has been reckless. Claiming to be “Minister for the Union” is like a fox declaring himself Minister for the Henhouse. If he truly cares about the unity of our country then he should pass on the job to someone who understands and cares about devolution.”

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