Carmichael – All parties must make positive case for EU to prevent UK sleepwalking into Brexit

Northern Isles MP, Alistair Carmichael, has called on all political parties in Scotland, especially the SNP, to focus on presenting a positive case for Britain’s EU membership instead of endless speculation about a second independence referendum. 

Mr Carmichael told BBC Radio Scotland that the SNP must “get on and work with the rest of us with whom they agree to make the very strong, positive case” for remaining in the EU instead of obsessing over whether a ‘Leave’ vote would invoke a second independence referendum.

Mr Carmichael also said: “In September 2014 the people of Scotland, by a significant margin, decided that we would remain part of the UK and that meant that there were certain decisions that would be taken as part of the United Kingdom and this is one of them. I respect that decision and I think the SNP should show more respect for it”.

 Commenting afterwards, Mr Carmichael said:

“The SNP – when they are not busy attempting to turn defeats into victories – are obsessed about the possibility of a second independence referendum in the event of the UK voting to leave the EU. It begs the question of whether the SNP are putting all their efforts into the ‘Remain’ campaign.

“The UK’s membership of the EU is one of the areas where I agree with the nationalists. However, they seemingly use any debate about the upcoming referendum to talk about Scotland’s future in the UK. That is not on the ballot paper on 23 June.

“One thing is very clear from last week’s elections in Scotland: people do not want another independence referendum in the near future. Support for staying in the EU is very high in Scotland, and the SNP need to use their influence to work with other political parties to ensure there is a strong vote to remain next month. It is time to put aside differences and make a unified, positive case for the UK’s role in the EU.”

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