Carmichael: CAA stance on Kirkwall Airport incident “troubling”

Orkney and Shetland parliamentary candidate, Alistair Carmichael, has called the Civil Aviation Authority’s lack of action following a whistleblower report relating to Kirkwall Airport “troubling”. Concerns were raised after a flight left the airport without air traffic control clearance on 5 April of this year, but the CAA has declared that its findings were addressed and has not released a full report to the public. Mr. Carmichael has written to the Chief Executive of the CAA requesting that the report be released.

Mr. Carmichael said:

“It is troubling that the CAA have so easily dismissed these serious allegations. The air traffic incident at Kirkwall Airport cannot be simply waved away by saying that their findings have been addressed. The fact that relevant airport staff are not fully satisfied with the outcome is enough on its own to warrant further examination.”

He added:

“This is not what we should expect from an independent regulator. The CAA’s role is to hold the aviation industry to account in a frank and open way, to ensure that we can have absolute confidence in the safety of our flights. This is as true of Kirkwall or Sumburgh as it is of Heathrow.

“Transparency is the foundation of our trust in aviation safety. I am calling on the Chief Executive of the CAA, Richard Moriarty, to release this report in full, so that we can know what has been said and done.”

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