Carmichael highlights £100bn climate change plan

Liberal Democrat candidate for Orkney and Shetland, Alistair Carmichael, has highlighted his party's £100bn investment plan to combat climate change. The proposals include £15bn to upgrade housing to improve energy efficiency and end fuel poverty, and £10bn investment to leverage over £100bn in investment in renewable energy.

Commenting, Mr. Carmichael said:

"Climate change will have a dramatic impact within our lifetimes and it demands a dramatic response. Tackling this issue will require concerted action on an international level but we can lead by example, in our communities and as a country. That is why we have created an actionable five-year plan with £100bn investment, for us to mitigate climate change in different areas.

"£15bn for housing improvements will mean greener and warmer homes as part of a programme to save energy, cut heating bills and end fuel poverty. This would have a major impact in the Northern Isles, where we have some of the highest fuel poverty rates in the country despite our wealth of energy potential. No one should have to choose between heating and eating.

"£10bn to leverage over £100bn in private investment for renewable energy could be transformative for our renewables sector. We already lead the world in offshore wind. It is high time that other options such as wave and tidal were leveraged to their full potential. The benefits to the Northern Isles in particular from this plan could be enormous. This fund could be the green light for the introduction of mechanisms such as Innovation Power Purchase Agreements. This is an issue on which I have worked with local marine renewables developers and trade bodies."

He concluded:

"Current and future generations cannot wait any longer for us to act, and kind words are not enough. This investment will allow us to lead the way as a country on climate change. We owe it to our children to take this responsibility on."

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