Fix phone signal for Northern Isles before working on 5G says Carmichael

Reacting to news that the Chancellor will tomorrow give three quarters of a billion pounds to fund a further roll out of fibre as well as money towards development of 5G Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael challenged the Government on their priorities.

Commenting Mr. Carmichael said:

The UK should lead the world in digital connectivity, and more money from the government to fund fibre roll out is a vital part of that puzzle. But many of my constituents who still struggle to get a phone signal in their homes at all, let alone mobile internet connectivity will be frustrated that the Government is investing money in new technology while they are being left behind.

This money would be better spent bringing rural communities like the Northern Isles up to 3G or even 4G rather than giving yet more to the densely populated areas who already have great mobile internet.”

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