Internal Market Bill undermines future of UK – Carmichael speaks ahead of crucial debate

Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Northern Ireland, Alistair Carmichael, has spoken out today ahead of a crucial debate on the government’s Internal Market Bill, warning that the plans put the UK’s future at risk. The Bill will break international law by reneging on the government’s Withdrawal Agreement with the EU, signed earlier this year, and key figures in the United States have already said that a vital trade deal will not be possible if the government moves ahead with the Bill.


Speaking before the debate, Mr Carmichael said:

“This Bill puts our country’s future at risk. Aside from ignoring the devolution settlement for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Boris Johnson is treating peace in Northern Ireland and the delicate settlement there as though it is a pinata. The government is taking whacks at the constitutional fabric of our country in the pursuit of a few extra bargaining chips.”


He continued:

“Even so, the government has created a bill that manages to alienate not just our partners in the EU but also in the US. Political leaders in the United States – including presidential frontrunner Joe Biden – are already saying that they will not sign a trade deal with the UK if this bill goes ahead. It is hard to see who benefits from this mess but it is certainly not the people of Great Britain or Northern Ireland.”


“There are more important issues that we could be dealing with. With a second wave of coronavirus already in progress, however, the Tories are spending more time arguing amongst themselves than focusing on what matters.”

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