International Human Rights Day a chance to stand with Hong Kong and others - Carmichael

Making a statement on International Human Rights Day, Liberal Democrat candidate for Orkney and Shetland, Alistair Carmichael, has used the occasion to highlight the ongoing crisis in Hong Kong and the treatment of the Uighur people elsewhere in China. Hong Kong has seen continuing protests against attempted Government suppression of historical freedoms, while there is growing awareness of the Chinese internment of ethnic and religious minorities like the Uighur Muslims.

Mr. Carmichael said:

"On International Human Rights Day we should reflect on the pressing need to support human rights around the world. Oppression of minorities in China is increasingly under the spotlight. Whether it is the plight of Uighur Muslims interned in camps, Hong Kong's protests against their government or the wider issue of repressive and growing state surveillance.

"During my time as MP I have been proud to support and lead discussions on the human rights situation in China. I have worked closely with Amnesty International and Reprieve on campaigns, and just in the final weeks of the last parliament I became the co-chair of the new All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong.

"On a broader international level it is important to highlight the authoritarian character of emerging regimes such as Saudi Arabia. The Jamal Khashoggi case is just one example of the human rights violations we are seeing around the world."

He continued:

"The UK is well placed to give an international lead on these issues. More voices are needed in Parliament to make sure this happens. We have a responsibility to lead on human rights issues, and specifically to honour our past commitments to the people of Hong Kong. If re-elected I will continue to meet civil rights leaders and highlight human rights issues wherever possible."

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