Investigatory Powers Bill

This Bill will be the key piece of legislation adjudicating the balance between privacy and security in this generation. It was an intense two days debating amendments to the Bill and the Bill itself. You can read my contributions on the debate last Monday here. And the second day of the debate here.

The Bill raises a number of very important issues about the access that the government should be allowed to have on our email correspondence and online web browsing. I remain of the view that despite some amendments the powers given to the government are far too wide. They risk intrusion into the private affairs of fat too many innocent people. They also risk providing the intelligence services with so much information that they will not be able to find the intelligence that is relevant and that they need to keep us safe.

The Bill is now off to the Lords for scrutiny there and is also the subject of an independent review by David Anderson QC, the Government's independent reviewer of terror legislation.

I wrote an article for a Liberal Democrat website about the bill and you can find it here.

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