Liberal Democrats open Lerwick campaign office

Liberal Democrat candidate for Orkney and Shetland, Alistair Carmichael, opened his campaign office at 122 Commercial Street, Lerwick on Saturday. Mr. Carmichael promised local Liberal Democrat supporters an active campaign focusing on the issues that matter to local people, and supporting Scotland's place in the United Kingdom against SNP calls for independence.

Mr. Carmichael said:

“We have voted in two referendums in recent years – on Scottish Independence in 2014 and on leaving the European Union in 2016. On both occasions Liberal Democrats were on the same side of the majority view of local opinion. In this campaign only the Liberal Democrats stand on a platform of keeping Scotland in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom in the European Union.

"In August the SNP threw everything they possibly could trying to win the by-election. They spent more in Shetland than they did on campaigning across the whole of Scotland in the Brexit referendum of 2016. It is all very well seeing nationalists standing on the street behind a cut out sign saying “Stop Brexit” but when they had the chance to do just that in the referendum they were less than enthusiastic.”

Beatrice Wishart MSP added:
“Alistair Carmichael has a great track record of speaking up for local communities and getting things done for the isles. He has also helped hundreds of local people of the years when they have needed it. Local people know that he is approachable, hard working and effective. I hope that they will again lend their votes to the Liberal Democrats to continue that work for Shetland.”

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