Marine Renewables need creative engagement and creative solutions – Carmichael

Alistair Carmichael, MP for the Northern Isles, spoke today at the International Tidal Energy Summit in London about the importance of investing in the development of innovative renewable energies like Tidal and wave energy. Mr Carmichael’s speech comes on the back of Mr. Carmichael’s efforts to secure a meeting with Energy Minister Claire Perry for marine renewable developers to discuss their concerns. That meeting will take place in the new year.

Commenting, Mr. Carmichael said:

“During the 1980s the UK invested huge amounts of time and money developing wind energy, and just before it reached the point of commercialisation, that support was withdrawn, leading to hundreds of jobs and millions of pounds worth of manufacturing going abroad where they would help finance its development. We must not allow the same mistake to be made again, this time with marine renewables.

“The marine renewables industry can make that final step to stand on their own two feet, but they need short term government help to get there. If they do not get it then it will raise questions about how serious the Government is about its industrial strategy.

“The industry must engage more creatively with the UK Government, and the Government in turn must be creative in their thinking about how to support the industry. The financial sums involved are significant but not huge, and could be made through Innovation Power Purchase Agreements, deals which guarantees the price of energy for new technologies, allowing for greater investment in their delivery. This is the point I will be making to the Minister when we meet her in the new year.”

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