My Week 2nd February 2024

2 Feb 2024
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  • Attended the Up Helly A’ civic reception in Lerwick Town Hall where the freedom of Lerwick for 24 hours was granted to the Guizer Jarl and his squad.
  • Went to the Up Helly A’ Taste of Shetland event where local food and drink producers showcased their produce.
  • Discussed rural communities and the Agriculture Bill with stakeholders in a roundtable meeting of the Rural Affairs and Islands committee.
  • Attended an event about the Wildlife Management and Muirburn Bill to hear from stakeholders about proposed amendments.
  • Met representatives from OneKind and heard about their campaign to transition away from the use of pig farrowing crates.
  • Learned more about the Bairns’ Hoose project from the organisation Children 1st.