PM must allow free vote on lawbreaking investigation – Carmichael

Responding to the Prime Minister’s apology in the House of Commons for breaking lockdown laws and the government’s intent to block a parliamentary investigation on Thursday, Orkney and Shetland MP, Alistair Carmichael said:

“It is frankly embarrassing that the Prime Minister thought he had the right to use Ukraine’s valiant struggle to try to shield himself from his own lawbreaking ways. We all stand by Ukraine but it is ridiculous to suggest that a Prime Minister who pretends to be so incompetent that he does not know his own Covid rules could also be an indispensable wartime leader.

“No one in the House – Conservative MPs included – really believed Boris Johnson’s apology or his excuses for repeatedly breaking lockdown rules. It is time for the many MPs who privately condemn the Prime Minister to finally act.

“What is essential is that the government allows a free vote this Thursday on an investigation into Boris Johnson’s lawbreaking. It would be the height of absurdity if the Prime Minister forced his MPs to cover up his criminality.”

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