Tory threat to Channel 4 an attack on press freedom - Carmichael

Following reports today that the Government may review Channel 4's license in the wake of a televised debate on climate change, Liberal Democrat candidate for Orkney and Shetland, Alistair Carmichael, has condemned the Conservatives for an "attack on press freedom". The threat of action from the Conservatives came as they were "empty-chaired" in the debate after Boris Johnson refused to attend with other party leaders.

Commenting, Mr. Carmichael said:

"This is an outrageous move by the Tories. Veiled threats from anonymous party sources against the media cannot be accepted in a healthy democracy. This attack on press freedom is irresponsible and cynically motivated.

"It is yet another sign of the Trumpian, win-at-all-cost tactics of this Government, attempting to pit the people against the press, against Parliament and against any voice that is not their own."

He continued:

"Make no mistake. Whether or not this threat is carried out, the intent is clearly to stifle press scrutiny and silence dissent. Leaders from all parties should stand together to reject such dangerous behaviour."

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