Tory threats to democratic constitution are worrying - Carmichael

Responding to the reports that the Conservative manifesto includes plans to undermine legal oversight of the Government, Liberal Democrat candidate for Orkney and Shetland, Alistair Carmichael, called the suggestions "authoritarian". The plans, outlined on page 48 of the Tory manifesto, include limitations on voting rights, amendments to the Human Rights act and plans to review the relationship between government and other bodies including the House of Lords and the Supreme Court.

Mr. Carmichael said:

“No one, not even the Prime Minister, is above the law. We saw a few months ago, when the Supreme Court had to step in to stop the unlawful suspension of Parliament, that Boris Johnston resents anyone telling him that he is not allowed to do something. It now seems that, if he wins a majority next week, then he will be out to settle scores with those who have thwarted him in the past.”

“Aside from the damaging and unnecessary move to suppress the number of people voting, the suggestion that Government should be made immune to the judgements of the courts makes it clear that Boris Johnson think he deserves to rule without restraint.

"This is part of a pattern of behaviour from what's left of the Conservative Party as it rapidly sheds its moderate credentials. Far from being a party that conserves and respects the norms of a stable and functioning constitutional democracy, it is seeking to curtail any limits on executive power.

He continued:

"Constitutional restraints on the power of the Government are inconvenient for those in power. That is something to celebrate, not attack. We cannot afford to indulge the authoritarian sense of entitlement of Boris Johnson."

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