Travellers warned to check and renew passports early

Islanders have been warned this week to ensure that their passport is up to date before booking any international travel this summer. Isles MP Alistair Carmichael made the call following growing concerns about delays at the Passport Office which have left many people waiting over ten weeks to receive their passports.

Islanders are recommended to:

  • Check the entry requirements for where you are travelling – you might need three or six months left on your passport to be allowed in
  • Apply at least 10 weeks before you need your new passport
  • If you have been waiting for more than ten weeks or have a specific emergency, contact the parliamentary office for support
  • Check your application thoroughly to avoid further delay
  • Apply for a fast-track slot if your need is urgent but bear in mind that these are often unavailable

Mr Carmichael said:

“People across the country, including in the isles, have been struggling for weeks to get passports in time for travel this summer. These delays are simply not good enough – Priti Patel and the Home Office need to get their house in order and put more resource behind the Passport Office. In the meantime, there are steps we all can take.

“The simplest message I can give is this – if you will need a renewed passport this summer, apply as soon as possible, and if in doubt use the fast-track service. If your passport is valid through the summer then you can help others by waiting until the autumn to apply, so that there is more capacity for the most urgent cases.

“If you already have an application in and have been waiting for more than ten weeks or have an emergency need to travel, please contact my office as soon as possible. We will do what we can to speed up the process through direct intervention with the Passport Office.”

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