Update energy meters before 1st April – Carmichael warns ahead of price cap hike

Islanders should take the time to check electricity and gas meters before the energy price cap rises on Friday 1st April, Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael has warned today.

The price cap for default tariff customers will increase on 1st April from £1,277 to £1,971 per year - an increase of £693, or 54%. Prepayment customers will see an even sharper increase of £708, taking the cap from £1,309 to £2,017.

Mr Carmichael is calling on households to make sure they are charged at the lower rate on gas and electricity used up until 31st March, by submitting a new meter reading by the end of Thursday.

Mr Carmichael said:

“The enormous price cap hike hitting households in April is not something we can now avoid. What we can do is take individual measures to save before it comes in, including by getting an up-to-date meter reading for electricity – and gas if you are on the grid – ahead of Friday.

“I and my Liberal Democrat colleagues at Westminster and Holyrood are doing all that we can to push for more government support for people suffering from fuel poverty. In the meantime, every little helps to cut costs and save money. If you are struggling with fuel cost issues, my office will do what we can to provide advice and advocacy.”

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